Stinger – when you need a quick virus fix

Stinger is a quick virus fix when you know exactly which virus(es) and its hybrids are present in your system yet you know that the current anti-virus system you’re having has let it off the hook.
Think of it like one of those hot Symantec Security Response for those deadly virus strains which will not be available freely when things get crucial. Except that,Stinger is bundled together with a neat set of other removal tools which can potentially detect and hopefully remove those others as well, without having to make up for lost time,trying to remove the first detected one.
The Symantec Security Response tools are undoubtedly useful as is the Microsoft own security tools, but the former is time-consuming in that you need to download a particular removal tool unique to the problem at hand and then attempt to detect another virus which may have been present. The Microsoft version is ok, but its removal tools bundle detects only a handful of viruses that you might just wonder what the hell Microsoft is trying to achieve there.

So, fortunately…there is another way.
Stinger, under the auspices of McAfee (one of the leading anti-virus systems) provides a good bundle of removal tools at your disposal.
Why Stinger:-   55 known lethal threats so far. – Doesn’t hanker down your system and consume precious RAM which could otherwise be used for other purposes. – It’s free! – Options to remove and scan boot sectors are present, since viruses reside in boot sectors most of the time and something which free scanners or certain removal tools don’t scan. – Updated quite frequently. – Easy to use and no prior hands-on experience required. – Behaves like a regular good anti-virus system with minimal fuss. – Very small installation.
Screw this Stinger!:- Not a proper anti-virus replacement! Don’t expect miracles from this product- McAfee has a reputation for poor detection rates, inferior to, but not limited to Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Panda. I’ve no illusions that this product may be actually different.

Get this Stinger at and save it to your HD. Works like a dream if and only if you know what it’s good for. Some users profess that, like condoms, two anti-virus systems are definitely not better than one but Stinger can be used as a second opinion.
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