It’s still great to be a Gunner! The World Cup’ll be here!!

Arsenal shattered? You’re ‘avin a laugh!
but indulge me in a tale as related by cheap beer poets….from a football fan’s POV.
2-1. Moments of madness at le Stade de France.
The Gunner garrison was suddenly breached by Catalunya rodoleros and the entire defence fell apart. The next minutes were to be indescribably crucial but the inevitable has happened. The front line broken means so too the others. Heads did not drop as quickly as defeats to the Wanderers or to the Burnblacks but with barely 5 minutes to salvage a potentially beautiful campaign, not many squads could have pulled level against a Barcelona armed with impressive CVs and an Arsenal side depleted of their chief German gunner officer who KIAed after 18 minutes.
The better team won? I don’t think any neutral would have said that. Anyone can say that Henry should have put away his chances and that Eboue or Kolo Toure should have closed down Samuel Eto’o before the linesman did them in. These are ‘ifs’ of the game so quit thinking about it. 
But a simple rule of the thumb applies here. The team with the most possession will get the goods.
What does the Arsenal’s 36% of the ball means here? Defending the 1-0  lead? Possible. They broke forward quite a number of times as well but I don’t see 36% of the possession bode well for the Arsenal’s victory.
Why did Rijkaard send in Larsson and then Iniesta soon after 70 mins? To finish the job. Tired legs, besieged from a constant Ronaldinho-Eto’o combo attack. Giuly also a menace on the left. When Henrik Larsson came on, I knew Arsenal was a case of shooting fish in a barrel. (I think shooting a rat in a barrel is a far easier task,but anyway…) And who could the Arsenal bring on? Nobody. No one can change the situation at that time. We don’t have a Patrick Vieira defensive type to cover the middle with Gilberto Silva. Bergkamp will not change a match the way he did 7 years ago. Robin van Persie might have gotten himself sent off for punching Rafa Marquez or Carles Puyol. So who’s left? Reyes? I rest my case.But Wenger was rather correct in bringing on a AM player and not another forward who cannot defend deep.
I don’t think this is a case of bad luck with the red card. It’s just bad judgment. Lehmann coming out too early, his defenders caught buck naked with Eto’o making off  with their biking underpants. Remember Almunia made a great save from Eto’o not too long after that. Arsenal just were not cut out to defend.  
Aye,but I can hardly praise FC Barcelona enough. The will to win + the siege mentality has been a hallmark of their game. They just knew how to round beleagured teams and make them pay for a red card especially that early in the game.
Ronaldinho wasn’t in his element today, quite honestly as was Giuly but the signs were there that their chances of winning it was higher. Liverpool had Steven Gerrard as their driving power. Arsenal’s middle was empty. Fabregas was not at his best and Gilberto Silva was busy fending off the Barca artillery.Thierry Henry
was ok but his passing was not one of his best.
The reaction:-
Of course the future looks bright!
The new stadium is ready, more cash is there to be spent on some seasoned campaigners and Theo Walcott is ready to rock the EPL. What does the Arsenal have to lose? Maybe Henry and a few others but it’s not so bad. At least Campbell can score!
I read the Arsenal-mania site forum (one of the best!) and the reaction of the biped called human beings are really laughable. I mean, it’s just a game for cryin’ out loud…!Shame on the moaners. They should have auditioned for a fake orgasm scene if they’re female (I think guys can too these days) 
Why? Cos in life,there are real disappointments and so too there are imagined sadness. Make sure to differentiate between the two. Also, I don’t believe that anything or anyone in this world can be too good (or too great) for one that they deserve all your deepest and honest unbridled feelings.The only feelings you can convey is for your own and exclusively your own interests. Arsenal has my respects for making it this far and my continued support as one of my best supported clubs but stop short of my humanly emotions. No mercy to fans who shed tears or smear FC Barcelona’s unique double success. They deserved the victory. Da, I’m that cruel.
Anyway, it’s fantastic to be an Arsenal supporter. Damn, I never thought I’d live to see Arsenal ever play in a Champions League final in my entire life but damn right I did! Arsenal can do well to reach the finals again next year. Valencia CF did it anyway and came away losers on both occasions. So what is Arsenal’s woe? Liverpool didn’t defend their crown and Man U didn’t even make it to the knockout stage! Chelsea lost to the eventual champs.And Arsenal is in the doldrums?
Here’s to Holland at the World Cup! Ik hou van Oranje…..ik hou van Oranje……voor altijd! Over and out!  

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